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A 4X game focusing on singleplayer and diplomacy
Responsible: Tiago

Turn based 4X Space Game

A game where combat and war are secondary; where different species need to learn how to survive together, and death lurks around every corner.


Unlike most games of its type, StarLife is being designed as singleplayer only. The game won't be designed in a way that allows for 'fast paced' or 'action like' gameplay. There is a reason why it's turn based.


In StarLife the smallest entity will be a cluster of stars, whereas in other games it is usally a single star or planet. Many of these clusters will have someone living there, most of whom may be associated with another empire. These clusters will all go from empty, to fully developed.

The economy of a cluster will depend on how many stars, asteroids, planets, starbases and individuals (population) it has, and also the quality of each one of them.


A cluster will start as a "Normal Cluster," with the ability to change its specialization. This will dictate how its economy will work. Specialization types will be "given" to a player based on his species/government/technology. There will be a limit to the amount of each type you can have, which can be increased as you play.

Attack/Defense plans

Instead of controlling individual ships or fleets and moving them across the map, the player will be able to set attack and defense plans.

When attacking, the game will calculate the probability of being found. If found, the one being attacked can form a defensive plan against the attacking player. Ships will then carry out the attack, and return to a specified location.

The player will be able to distribute their ships over the map to protect borders or key locations. The heavier the defense, the better the chance of finding incoming attacks.


12 Feb 2016 - A bit about StarLife

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